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Are you familiar with the Trans-Pacific Partnership? It’s a trade agreement between multiple countries that seeks to lower trade barriers and protect the interests of multinational corporations, often at the expense of consumers, the environment, and local workers. If that’s not enough to give you pause, new negotiations are well underway, and the United States is involved. Furthermore, the industries behind the agreement are looking to fast track the process, which would effectively cut Congress out of the equation by not allowing them the ability to amend the treaty or get approval from their constituents.

This treaty, much like other similar international treaties of the past, is first and foremost about protecting powerful corporate interests. It hopes to lower trade barriers and approve its own standards for everything from environmental law to intellectual property, and we’d be remiss to assume the desires of the general public would be taken into account. Make no mistake – this agreement will inevitably harm the rights of workers, the environment, safety laws, and much more. Rather than answering to the United States’ government or courts, challenges will be heard in an international tribunal, effectively tying our hands and allowing corporate interests to prevail.


From outsourcing more jobs to sacrificing environmental protections for profits, we can’t allow the TPP to be fast tracked beyond the reach of our lawmakers. The agreement’s reach extends to public health, wages, food safety, proper product labeling, patenting medical procedures, and dozens of other areas. There’s something here that literally every American can bring themselves to care about, regardless of ideological affiliation. These documents and standards have been drafted by corporations without the input of the public or the government. Say NO to this fast track and stand with us for citizens’ interests!


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