Advance our quality of life and protect the beauty and natural resources of Sonoma County for all generations through grassroots political action and education.

Through education and grassroots organizing, Conservation Action engages with the public on environmental issues and policies that affect Sonoma County, influencing the way our area will be shaped for years to come.

Fighting the Good Fight

For more than 28 years, those of us who love the place we live, work, and play have been mobilizing and giving voice to our environmentally concerned residents by:

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We exist to mobilize and give voice to all of our environmentally concerned residents, encouraging action that will be seen and felt in our communities for years to come. You can help keep our organization one of the most politically effective groups in the area by donating or volunteering today. Please view our successes, volunteer opportunities, and Political Action Committee pages to learn more about how you can become an environmental steward for Sonoma County!

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In the News


  SCCA Endorsed Candidates Won 75% of Local Positions in November!  Measure M, Sonoma County Parks for All, won with over 72% of the vote! This was achieved through support of the SCCA canvass knocking on over 10,000 doors around the county. Also, SCCA-endorsed candidates for City Councils and SRJC Board of Trustees had a 75% success rate in the November election!

SCCA HOLIDAY PARTY COMING UP ON DECEMBER 16th! We hope you can join us!

November 2018 Election Endorsements Released 


After many weeks of reading candidate questionnaires, conducting interviews and doing research, we have released our endorsements for this November 6th election. We hope you will take our endorsements seriously and VOTE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT!


Download our 2018 Endorsements to take with you to the poll!




Mobilizing Grassroots Disaster Relief


The devastation that hit Sonoma County residents, students, small business owners, workers and our environment during the 2017 wild fires was enormous.

With well over 7,000 structures destroyed, our community had to come together like never before.

As a leader in grassroots mobilization, Sonoma County Conservation Action stepped in on Day 1 to help our community stay informed, work together and develop a platform for long term relief coordination.

To do this, we helped launch the website, a locally-managed bilingual website that works with local organizations, government and volunteers to help fire victims meet their individual needs without delay.

This was the first step towards helping our community members rebuild their quality of life in the wake of this disaster. Read more.

Stop the Trump takeaway of Sonoma and Mendocino coastal protections. 

Trump’s “America-First Offshore Energy Strategy” is moving forward and will open up our National Marine Sanctuaries to drilling and mining – the North Bay’s very own Cordell bank and Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuaries are on that target list.

July 26th is the deadline to defend our sanctuaries — we urge you to speak up now before these are lost forever.

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Keep Our Beaches Free!Protecting Open Space

Here at Conservation Action, we’ve been long-dedicated to fighting for the preservation of open space and community separators. Protecting Sonoma County land isn’t only about preserving its natural beauty for future generations – it’s also about maintaining the charm of our cities, protecting our rural heritage, and standing strong for the interests of our citizens.
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