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On December 12, the Board of Supervisors revisited the Oak & Tree protection ordinances that will give broad legal protections to our county’s trees and oak woodlands. We are so thankful for the community sending in letters, emails, and coming out to show their support for these critical ordinances at the meeting.

Despite our work towards the passage of these landmark ordinances, the Board of Supervisors has decided to delay their final vote until next year to allow for further deliberation. While this postponement is certainly a setback in our ongoing efforts to secure vital protections for our county’s forest resources, it’s important to recognize a significant achievement that emerged from this meeting.

In a notable move, the Board passed a moratorium on the cutting of trees and oaks across Sonoma County. This interim measure is a critical step in safeguarding our natural environment, albeit temporarily, until the ordinances are revisited. The moratorium allows for certain exemptions, primarily focusing on fire preparedness and the removal of hazardous trees.

We acknowledge and appreciate the support of the majority of the Supervisors in passing this moratorium. It is worth noting that all Supervisors, with the exception of Supervisor Rabbitt, voted in favor of this interim protection. This decision, though not the complete fulfillment of our advocacy goals, is a testament to the power of community action and the importance of persistent advocacy.

As we look forward to the next year, we remain committed to our mission of ensuring the enactment of the Tree and Oak Protection Ordinances. We believe these ordinances are essential for ecological integrity, fighting climate change locally, and preserving the natural beauty of Sonoma County for current and future generations.

We encourage our members and supporters to stay engaged, continue voicing their support, and prepare for the next phase of the fight as we work towards securing a sustainable future for our county’s precious natural resources.