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We are excited to have our beautiful Sonoma Coastline highlighted in the recent KCET and Link TV’s “Summer of the Environment,” video series, a state-wide project intended to ignite compassion and action for helping to save and heal our planet.

This short video offers a beautiful overview of the history of Bill Kortum, co-founder of Sonoma County Conservation Action, and our community’s dedication to protect the Sonoma County coastline.

A story that winds it’s way from the 1960s to today, it highlights development pressures along our coastline and reminds us how important it is to safeguard the unique ecosystems we have in our own backyard.

A story of perseverance, collaboration and grassroots advocacy, this video captures the gift we have in our coastline. Enjoy!

“You don’t have to go that far to feel like you are on the edge of the world,” Kerry Fugett of Sonoma County Conservation Action says about the northern Sonoma coastline.

The pristine conditions along this area are a result of decades of work, from activists like Bill Kortum, to protect access to the coastline and keep it wild and rugged. Kortum founded Sonoma County Conservation Action, and co-founded the Sonoma Land Trust.

The Kortum Trail, named after the legendary activist and part of the California Coastal Trail, offers stark views of the shore and rolling hills of the Sonoma coast.

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