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Help us tell the legislators of California that the state’s Healthy Soils Program and the State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program (SWEEP) deserve more funding! Please take a minute to voice your concern by signing this letter, and show your support so these programs can continue to be funded!


SWEEP was very successful in 2016-17 across the state, showing the importance of continuing and supporting this funding.



The Healthy Soils Program’s objective is to build soil carbon and reduce agriculture greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging farmers and ranchers to adopt new management practices that are beneficial to the climate. SWEEP provides financial assistance to growers for on-farm improvements that both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save water by micro-irrigation or drip systems, improved energy efficiency, increased compost use that increase soil water-holding capacity, and many others.


There are significant benefits in increasing the soils’s organic matter, including water retention, which is extremely important in times of drought, as well as enhanced soil stability and more efficient nutrient use, which helps improve our water and air quality by reducing run-off and air emissions.


Governor Brown’s proposed 2018-19 budget falls flat of what is actually needed. Your elected representative may be on the budget committee that will soon meet to discuss how to appropriate the state’s $1.25 billion revenue of the fiscal year. Let them know their constituents value the agricultural programs that are climate friendly.


What You Can Do:

Add your name to this letter!  You can also email your elected representatives and let them know you care, and please share this with anyone: ranchers, farmers, businesses and organizations in your area. Use this link to find your representatives.


Shoutout to these amazing local organizations who are championing the healthy soil initiative: CalCAN, Community Alliance with Family Farmers, and the Farmers Guild.