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The field canvass for the Measure I campaign has begun and SCCA’s team of talented organizers have already contacted thousands of Sonoma and Marin County residents to get the word out about this important ballot initiative. SCCA has worked hard for alternative transportation solutions like the SMART train for decades because transportation is the largest sources of green house gas emissions in the county. By making smarter transportation decisions we can make a real contribution to the fight against climate change, locally. The SMART train and its 1.72 Million riders have already kept 8.1 Million pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere.


Infrastructure can’t be built in a day. Real infrastructure must be supported and become part of the local culture and that takes time. Time and money. After Sonoma and Marin counties passed the quarter of a percent sales tax to support the SMART train the recession hit. The projected $455 million in revenue fell short and the tax only brought in $298 million over the last 10 years. SMART was able to bring in $328 million in regional, state and federal matching funds to get the project running, however, to keep it running and fulfill the promise of having a long lasting, modern train system we need to pass Measure I. Measure I will support SMART service to additional cities, increase the frequency of SMART trains, fund safety enhancements along the rail line, add additional parking to SMART stations, and build more bicycle and walking paths connecting SMART stations!

Vote Yes on I!