Candidate endorsements are made with the following criteria in mind:

  1. Information provided during interview with candidate.
  2. Input from our members and supporters.
  3. Environmental & Community commitment, with a Social Justice Voting record for incumbents.
  4. Our best good faith judgment that these candidates will protect and preserve our environment; serve the public interest with integrity; and display an open mind and heart in the decision making process.

City Council Elections

City of Santa Rosa

District 1- Eddie Alvarez– He has pledged to work closely with the environmental community to focus on issues of social equity and toxin cleanup for the neighborhoods who have been historically unrepresented on the City Council. Eddie is rough around the edges, but we believe he has the energy and compassion needed to provide strong representation for district 1 constituents.
District 3 – Jack Tibbetts– Jack is running without opposition. He has done much good work on issues concerning the homeless. Jack championed the housing bond measure that failed in the last election; He was not able to work with organized labor to satisfy legitimate concerns regarding opportunities for job training and apprenticeships. Our hope for Jack is that he will work harder to establish community consensus around the difficult issues confronting the City.
District 5 – Chris Rogers– “Hardworking and honest” is the assessment of those who interviewed Chris, as well as constituents. Chris excels in communicating clearly during times of emergency, which have been all to frequent the past 3 years. Strong on issues of Social Equity and the Environment, he is also a good listener who is generous with his time and service to the community.
District 7 – Natalie Rogers– A newcomer to politics who impressed interviewers with her intelligence and commitment to service. We believe she will be an excellent representative for District 7.

 SRJC Board of Trustees

Districts 3, 4, 5, – Marianna Martinez– Incumbent Trustee who is working well with a progressive Board of Trustees for the benefit of students and our community. Marianna has pledged to work with SCCA to create more of a partnership with the Environmental Studies Department to explore paid internships to work on green projects that will provide valuable work experience for students.
Districts 3, 4, 5, – Caroline Banuelos – Years of excellent past service on the City of Santa Rosa Planning Commission. Good judgment and truly interested in outreach to the students, families, and community. She will be an asset on the SRJC Board of Trustees.

Santa Rosa School Board

Ed Sheffield – Ed is an incumbent & former SCCA Board Member who has good judgment and a commitment to quality education. Ed is level headed and needs to play a larger role in labor relations with Teachers and Classified Staff. This is a very difficult time for students. parents, and staff with the pandemic creating multiple challenges for all concerned.

Ever Flores – We believe that Ever will listen to the needs of our community during this time of crisis and challenge. Ever will bring a fresh perspective and approach to solving many of the issues that need to be addressed. Students and their families will have someone in their corner who will be an advocate for their interests, while teachers and staff will have a Board Member who understands the dangerous, and difficult working conditions imposed by Covid-19.

Local Measures


YES! on Measure O  is asking for a ¼ cent sales tax increase to provide increased mental health services to the Sonoma County Public. The Measure will also address needed housing and services for the homeless. SCCA urges a Yes vote. There are a number of reasons we support this measure. 1. The Pandemic is a public health emergency causing fear, anxiety & depression that necessitates mental health services that will be available to the public.. 2. The homeless are at risk for their own health, as well as the health of the community, Homeless encampments can despoil creeks and public spaces, while the homeless are at risk for a host of communicable diseases. 3. Budgetary cost savings can be realized by utilizing health professionals who are providing services and housing, as opposed to policing of the homeless that leads to the courts, and confinement in penal institutions.


YES! on Measure DD- Go Sonoma Act- This measure provides for the continuation of Measure M which is the long term plan for local improvements to our roads, sidewalks, and bikeways. Funding is also provided to convert our current bus fleets in Sonoma County to all electric public bus vehicles. Funds are also being allocated for a roll out of publically accessible charging stations, as we migrate away for fossil fuel vehicles. SCCA urges a Yes vote as this measure can provide opportunities for reduction of GHG emissions, while providing quality jobs for our community. With the possibility of a new administration in Washington D.C. local self help funding will be matched with Federal monies to accelerate our transition to a green economy that is not fossil fuel dependent.