Sonoma County’s PAC uses grassroots campaigning to galvanize the public to vote for environmentally-savvy candidates and provides information about important ballot initiatives.

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In 2018, we were 75% effective with our endorsements throughout Sonoma County. In the fight for preserving our beloved natural environment, campaigning for and electing strong environmental candidates is absolutely necessary. It’s also vital to keep and maintain environmental majorities on the Boards and Councils in Sonoma County, so that we can affect development, sustainability, environmental protection, and policies to be reflective of concerns of the environmental movement. This is the Political Action Committee’s primary function – working tirelessly to promote political candidates that conserve and maintain Sonoma County’s natural health and beauty. In addition, we create a yearly Report Card as a tool to keep our local officials accountable. Each Card evaluates our officials’ performance and grades them based on their voting records for environmental initiatives for the year and how well they listen to their constituents.

How can you help the Political Action Committee? We are always looking for passionate volunteers to help us campaign, canvas, educate, and more. If you’re invested in Sonoma County’s environment and want to do your part to maintain it through powerful action, this is the perfect opportunity. Additionally, contributions are always highly valued, and we’re incredibly grateful to receive them. Donate online or by mail. Because Political Action Committee is political in nature, these contributions are not tax-deductible.

Join us in making a difference at one of the most fundamental levels – local government! For more information, please contact us at any time.

SCCA Endorsements 2022

State Legislature

US Congress

County Supervisor

District Attorney




Our Endorsements – November 2020

SCCA’s November 2020 Endorsements

Santa Rosa

Rohnert Park









Santa Rosa Schools

Sonoma County Board of Education

California State Assembly & Congress

 Local Measures


YES! on Measure DD

Sonoma County Transportation Authority Go Sonoma Act


YES! on Measure O

County of Sonoma, Mental Health, Addiction & Homeless Services Measure Transactions & Use Tax Ordinance


YES! on Measure CC

Petaluma Health Care District Sale Agreement


YES! on Measure P

Evelyn Cheatham Effective IOLERO Ordinance


YES! on Measure W

Renew the City of Sonoma’s Urban Growth Boundary


Our Endorsements – March 2020




Elected Office


1st District Supervisor

Susan Gorin

3rd District 


Chris Coursey

5th District Supervisor

Lynda Hopkins

Ballot Initiatives


Measure I 

Sonoma County

  • Take hundreds of thousands of car trips off Highway 101 every year
  • Support SMART service to additional cities
  • Increase the frequency of SMART trains
  • Fund safety enhancements along the rail line
  • Add additional parking to SMART stations
  • Build more bicycle and walking paths connecting SMART stations

Measure H


Affordable housing is an essential need throughout Sonoma County. Measure H will allow both affordable rental and for sale housing to be built in Healdsburg.


Our Endorsements – November 2018


After many weeks of reviewing applications, conducting interviews and research, SCCA is excited to announce our endorsements for the 2018 November election! The names below represent forward thinking leadership on conservation and broader environmental policy in Sonoma County. We hope that you will take our endorsement under consideration as you make your voting decisions this November, and vote for the environment and better communities.


Elected Office


US Congress-CA District 2 Jared Huffman
City Council Offices


Cloverdale City Council

Gus Wolter

Jason Turner

Marta Cruz

Cotati City Council

John Moore

Mark Landman

Healdsburg City Council

Leah Gold

Tim Meinken

Petaluma City Mayor

Teresa Barrett

Petaluma City Council

Dennis Pocekay

D’Lynda Fischer

Kevin McDonnell

Rohnert Park City Council Gerard Giudice
Santa Rosa City Council

District 2: Lee Pierce

District 4: Dual Endorsement

Victoria Fleming


Mary Watts

Sebastopol City Council

Una Glass

Sarah Glade Gurney

Patrick Slayter

Sonoma City Council

Rachel Hundley

Logan Harvey

Chris Petlock

Windsor Town Council

Billy Forrest

Esther Lemus

Dominic Foppoli

Santa Rosa Junior College Board of Trustees  Candidates
Sonoma Area John Kelly
Santa Rosa Area Dorothy Battenfeld
Petaluma Area Maggie Fishman
West County Area Jordan Burns
County-wide Measures Position
Measure M – Parks for All YES
Santa Rosa Measures Position
Measure N – Housing Now YES
State Propositions Position
Proposition 1 – Housing & Veterans Loan Bond YES
Proposition 3 – Water Bond Neutral
Proposition 6 – Transportation Funding Attack NO
Proposition 10 – Local Control of Rent Control YES


Our Endorsements – November 2016


After many weeks of applications, interviews and research, SCCA is excited to announce our endorsed candidates for the 2016 November election! The names below represent forward thinking leadership on conservation and broader environmental policy in Sonoma County. We hope that you will take this endorsement under consideration as you make your voting decisions this November.

Elected Office


US Congress-CA District 2 Jared Huffman
5th District County Supervisor Noreen Evans
City Council Offices City Council Candidates
Cloverdale City Council Melanie Bagby
Cotati City Council John Dell’Osso
Cotati City Council Susan Harvey
Healdsburg City Council Tim Meinken
Petaluma City Council Bill Wolpert
Santa Rosa City Council Julie Combs
Santa Rosa City Council Chris Rogers
Santa Rosa City Council Jack Tibbetts
Sebastopol City Council Write in and fill in box for Craig Litwin
Sebastopol City Council Neysa Hinton
Sonoma City Council Laurie Gallian
Sonoma City Council Amy Harrington
Windsor Town Council Deb Fudge
School Board Offices School Board Candidates
West Sonoma County Union High School Board Ted Walker
West Sonoma County Union High School Board Diane Landry
Santa Rosa City School Board Ed Sheffield
Santa Rosa City School Board Laurie Fong
Santa Rosa City School Board Caroline Banuelos
Santa Rosa City School Board Jenni Klose
Sonoma Valley School Board John Kelly
SRJC Board of Trustees Trustee Candidates
Santa Rosa Junior College Board of Trustees-Area 3/4/5 Mariana Martinez
Sonoma County Board of Education Trustee Candidates
SCOE Trustee Area 1 Jason Carter
Local Measures Position
Measure J Yes
Measure K Yes
Measure M Yes
Measure Y Yes
Measure Q Yes
Measure R No
State Propositions Position
Proposition 67 Yes


2018 Wrap-Up

We had many great successes in the 2018 election. Measure M was passed and we continued to work for a Toxic Free Future for Sonoma County. See more of our 2018 highlights here.

Fall 2016 Newsletter

After a great deal of time, community engagement, and research, the Fall Newsletter is out. Click here to take a look!

Election Results – November 2014

Final election results determined that:
SCCA endorsed candidate David Glass won Mayor of Petaluma by 84 votes! Bridgette Mansell won Healdsburg City Council by 40 votes! With these two wins added to our list, SCCA PAC was 71 percent effective on its endorsements in November. Gosh the 29 percent always hurts though… but we’ve made some progress.

With your support we:

  • Gained a seat in Santa Rosa (Chris Coursey)
  • Held ground in Petaluma and defeated Q (and arguably gained with Harris not seeking reelection and Dave King taking his spot on council)
  • Held a 5/5 environmental majority in Sebastopol
  • Swept endorsements in Cotati as well
  • Had a sweep of the SRJC School Board endorsements gaining three seats.
  • To work with our nonprofit, issues-oriented arm, please visit this page for more information about Sonoma County Conservation Action.

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