Jonah was born and raised in Calistoga, California. Growing up in the beautiful Napa Valley, Jonah developed an appreciation for the environment and the people who benefit from it. Spending most of his young life as a student athlete, Jonah found himself at SRJC after high school to run track and field. While at SRJC, he quickly fell in love with Sonoma County. Due in large part to his father’s influence, he became heavily involved with progressive movements and hasn’t looked back since. After deciding to step away from the NCCA life at University of La Verne, with his late father’s guidance in tact he moved back from Southern California to pursue a job in political organizing while finishing his undergraduate degree. He started with SCCA in 2019 as part of the Toxic Free Future campaign. A family man, he holds his late father’s passion for the environment and community work close to his heart and looks forward to many more victories with SCCA in the future.