Dear Friends and Supporters,

To say the times are challenging is an understatement, and yet hope exists in your local environmental watchdog. Conservation Action candidates were over 90% successful in the Fall 2020 election, securing environmental majorities in Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, and the County Board of Supervisors.

The City of Sonoma renewed their Urban Growth Boundary by over 80%, and for the first time in the 150 year history of Santa Rosa, Roseland and South Park have a direct representative on the city council.

Additionally in 2020, our organizers made thousands of phone calls to residents in the Gold Ridge Fire Protection District, educating about fire safety and landscape stewardship, and connecting them to resources at the fire department. We also sent thousands of endorsement postcards out, and perhaps most importantly, through  p pandemic and more ravaging fires, we found a way to survive economic collapse and retooled our outreach programs to be resilient in the face of COVID-19. As always, by working together we are seeing our way through!

Conservation Action amplifies the message of protecting Sonoma County’s unique natural setting with your help and support!

In 2021, many questions persist after this tumultuous year. What does saving the environment look like in a post-Trump era? Can our local leadership continue to balance safety and health against a strained economy and lower tourism and tax revenues? How do we continue to build towards a more just community?

Sonoma County Conservation Action is your environmental watchdog. We work hard and we win. And we can’t do it without you.

Our task is great in this coming year- made that much harder after fire and pandemic disasters. We have changed our business model from a door to door operation to all person to person contacts via phone and through increased online presence. We are grateful for our staff who have worked hard to pivot and keep the lights on during these uncertain times. This organizations drive to keep the environment at the top of the agenda locally gives me hope for the future. We are excited to announce that we have a $10,000 challenge grant that will double your donations this holiday giving season.

By giving to Conservation Action, you are sustaining the protection of open space, clean air and water, and smart growth strategies. We’re working for you to save the Sonoma County we all love! 

Goals for 2021

Sonoma County Tree Ordinance: As climate change-induced megafires ravage the forested landscapes in Sonoma County, it is ever more urgent to thoughtfully consider our relationship with trees. For decades, the County of Sonoma Tree Ordinance has been in need of an update. We are making a renewed push for movement on this, as protecting trees serves vital ecosystem services for wildlife and water quality and retention, in addition to being a climate mitigation that is within our grasp!

Environmental Majorities: With our 90% success rate this past election, we are excited about the policy implications of environmental majorities on the City Councils and County Board of Supervisors. Issues as described here, and more, are ever pressing at our elected leadership. Through email and social media campaigns, Conservation Action will show those leaders that grassroots support exists for protecting the environment, and your help as members is critical to give them the cover they need to make the right decision.

Protecting the Coast: Conservation Action will be fighting to protect coastal access along the Sonoma Coast and ensure strong environmental policy is included in the Sonoma County Local Coastal Plan Update. We’ll keep fighting for coastal access by opposing self pay stations at the beach. Organizational Development: As we celebrate our 30th birthday, we recognize the need to tend to our own house. In 2021 we will put renewed attention to strengthening our foundation, and growing our Board and Staff. We’ll explore new partnerships and tend to current programs. Open Space Protection: The Sonoma County Agriculture and Open Space District is going through leadership changes. We will be active in the process to select new leadership to guide the agency, and will urge the District to stay focused on land preservation, stewardship and increased access.

Conservation Action is your choice for investing in the environment where you live. National and world organizations attract your donations and are vital. As you can see from our accomplishments and goals, contributing locally achieves both direct and visible results.


*All donations received up to $10,000.00 will be doubled this holiday season, thanks to a local donor match. We appreciate your support and help during these difficult times– all levels are welcome! Best wishes for a happy 2021!

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