There are many reasons to love Sonoma County, and its incredible natural beauty is a big one. This is an area with a variety of landscapes and climates within a few miles. It’s difficult not to fall in love with it every time you go outside or take a day trip. We at Conservation Action work tirelessly to preserve and protect that wealth of natural splendor.

Conservation Action is the nonprofit, environmental watchdog and advocate of the County’s environmental movement. We are membership supported, and our volunteers and supporters have made incredible strides toward protecting and conserving the area we all love so much. We invite you to view our victories page in order to see how we act as the guardians and voice of the local environment.

We will continue to do our grassroots organization, education, and campaigning for as long as we’re able, but we need your help. Our membership starts at just $36 per year. Your support will allow us to continue doing our work!

Members receive:

  • Conservation Action News and Views newsletter
  • Annual Environmental Report Card that rates the voting record of our local officials
  • Election endorsements and information about local offices and ballot measures
  • Regular e-updates with information on pressing issues, news, and opinions
  • Satisfaction in knowing you have a personal hand in supporting the election of local candidates who hold strong environmental stances

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We invite all our members to take an active role in preserving our beautiful county for future generations to enjoy as we have. Please join now!

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