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Current incident map: The County of Sonoma updates their GIS system to provide a map of the evacuation zones during the fire. This map is interactive, and will be updated regularly. To see the map, click here. 


The Sheriff uses zones to announce evacuations. To look at the complete zone map of Sonoma County, click here.


Alert system: To learn about your alert options, sign up for notifications, and learn what different sirens mean, click here.


Know your way out: The City of Santa Rosa has developed an evacuation route planning tool. To add your address and see your best route out in the event of an emergency, click here.


Evacuation check list: We have also developed a check list to help people better prepare for a possible evacuation. To see this checklist, click here.


Cal Fire updates: Cal Fire usually provides two briefings per day – usually 7am and 7pm. Those updates are shared across social media, but can also normally be found by clicking here.


For additional preparedness tips, click here.


Sonoma County Fire Cameras can be found by clicking here.


Evacuation points can be found by clicking here.


We know that the wind can have a devastating impact on our efforts to control the fire. To see a wind map and projections, click here.


To check air qualityclick here.


To listen to the live feed of CalFire dispatch, download the Broadcastify app on your phone, and to see all notifications/call for service, download the pulse point app as well.


To see what helicopters and planes we have in the air, click here.


To see NASA’s satellite photos of the fires, click here.