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The Proposal

  • California State Parks has proposed a plan to create Fee Collection locations along the Sonoma County Coastline.
  • The proposal would allow for $8 day passes for entrance into some locations, while having $3 hourly parking fees in others. There would be a low income pass, and a credit system, but none of these elements have been concretely laid out.
  • The plan has been re-submitted to the Coastal Commission for approval after the County unanimously rejected it.

The Affected Locations

  • Bodega Head; Eastern and Western Locations
  • Shell Beach
  • Goat Rock
  • Stump Beach
  • Willow Creek

Our Concerns 

Ultimately, we believe that this proposal violates the Coastal Act. it potentially limits access, and impacts the local environment; while, not providing clear purpose, process, or accountability.
  • The proposal was created using a CEQA exemption
  • No clear impact study on how fees will affect access in a car dependent region.
  • Decision sets a state precedent for other card dependent coastal zones in California.
  • They have not provided a budget analysis of the financial impact that this fee revenue would provide.
    • Would the collected fee revenue go to park maintenance/operations?
    • Would the collected fee revenue mostly go towards the state general fund?
    • What guarantees are in place to ensure that this money would go towards the intended goal?
  • Key stakeholders were excluded from the process. Latin American, Tribal member, and Low Income community representatives were excluded from the initial process. These are some of the communities that would be most affected by new parking fees along our coast.


We Need You To Take Action!

  1. Send a letter to the California Coastal Commission. Comments must reach the Coastal Commission by April 8th. The email address is
  2. Sign this petition to help show the sheer volume of opposition towards this proposal.
  3. Come to the April 13th Sonoma County Coastal Commission meeting at the Santa Rosa Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium, 1351 Maple Avenue. This will be the deciding meeting for this proposal, so it is important that we pack the room with our voices. You can find the agenda HERE
  4. Write your local legislators! You can serach for their contact infor HERE.