Our program will focus on the lessons learned from the pandemic and how communities have used recovery dollars to invest in a better, more sustainable future for our kids and grandkids. As always, we will honor our environmental champions, and give thanks to those who have fought every day to make Sonoma County the special place it is.


The SCCA 2022 Auction is Live Now Through August 7th 2022

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Organizational Champion: $10,000

16 tickets (2 tables) special Gala goodies, and program recognition

Woodland Warrior: $5,000

12 tickets (1.5 tables) special Gala goodies, and program recognition

Toxic-Free Fighter: $2,500

8 tickets (1 table) special Gala goodies, and program recognition

Climate Champion: $1,000

4 tickets and program recognition

Movement Sustainer: $500

2 tickets and program recognition

Individual Tickets: $100

The 2022 SCCA Grass Roots Gala is SOLD OUT!


Your generous Sponsorship Donations will be an investment to sustain our organizations mission and advocacy, while also allowing us to launch new educational programs, like our new Monthly Nature Outings Program-getting folks back into nature and exploring our beautiful Sonoma County. We will be able to support environmental candidates who don’t have the big-dollar-donors that we see dominate our political system. It will also allow us to continue to monitor and participate in City Council meetings, advocate for local policies that will help our community adapt to our changing climate. Please join us and sponsor the incredible work of our team.

A Huge Thank You to our Early Sponsors!

Organizational Champion:

Neal Fishman & Maxene Spellman
Janis & Warren Watkins
Michael Allen & Helen Ross

Woodland Warrior:

Toxic-Free Fighter:

Climate Champion:

Caryl Hart
Susan Gorin
Marc Bommersbach
Jackson Family Wines
Supervisor Damon Connolly
Senator Mike McGuire
Jean Schulz

Movement Sustainer:

Anne Seeley
Ariel Kelley, Mayor of Healdsburg
Ever Flores, SR Board of Education
Julie Groves & Lucy Kortum
Maddy Hirshfield & Janet Orchard, former Mayor of Cotati
Marylee Guinon
Ed Sheffield
Harold Appleton
Leslie and Todd Everett
Ariel Kelley
Ever Flores
Congressman Mike Thompson

The night’s menu will consist of:


Wine County Artisan Cheese with assorted local cheeses, roasted artichoke, olive and wild mushroom tapenades severed with fresh berries, spiced/candied nuts, crostini and sliced baguette.


Caesar Salad

Roasted Beet Salad

Grilled Vegetable Platter

Red Roasted Nu Potatoes

Grilled A-Line Tuscan Chicken with fresh herbs and lemon

Grilled Pork Tenderloin with plum chipotle


Fresh Berry Pie with Cream