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Our Community. Our Actions. Our Climate Future. 

Tools for impacting local environmental policy


Join us for Change Agent Training with Sonoma County Conservation Action and the Sonoma Group of the Sierra Club on how to become an effective environmental advocate!

  • How does your local government make policy decisions?
  • Where can your environmental values impact upcoming policy?
  • How do we create change locally?
  • How do we strengthen community involvement? 

When: Thursday, November 9th from 6pm to 8pm

Where: Sonoma County Conservation Council, 55A Ridgway, Santa Rosa 95404

Register for FREE here!

Make your voice heard
Keep our leaders accountable

Click to download and #SHARE flyer!

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UPDATE: 10/15/17 – Vetoed by Governor Brown. Veto Message:

To the Members of the California State Senate:

I am returning Senate Bill 649 without my signature. 

This bill establishes a uniform permitting process for small cell wireless equipment and fixes the rates local governments may charge for placement of that equipment on city or county owned property, such as streetlights and traffic signal poles. 

There is something of real value in having a process that results in extending this innovative technology rapidly and efficiently. Nevertheless, I believe that the interest which localities have in managing rights of way requires a more balanced solution than the one achieved in this bill. 


California State Senate Bill 649 is speeding toward passage by the California legislature and would take away local control and public input when installing small cell wireless facilities in our cities and towns.

We have joined over 295 cities and 47 (out of 58) counties, and dozens of health, environment, consumer, and justice organizations representing millions of Californians in opposing SB 649. SB 649 could harm California.

Peer-reviewed published science shows radiation is harmful to people, and nature and children are especially vulnerable. SB 649 would eliminate local control and public input.  It would allow unlimited access to deploy refrigerator-size equipment on utility and light poles, and sidewalks with no safety oversight.

Cities would have no recourse to remove a tower even if every resident complained. 

Please take a moment to do a few quick things:
1) Call your Assembly member now. It’s best to call the District Office. Find your Assembly
member by putting in your address, and then clicking on the link that comes up for the
Assembly (not Senate).

2)Call Assembly Member Lorena S. Gonzalez Fletcher, the chair of the Appropriations Committee (916) 319-2081 and Anthony Rendon, the Speaker Tel: (916) 319-2063 and tell them NO ON SB 649

3) Call or write to Gov. Jerry Brown and ask him to veto the bill when it comes to his desk:
Governor Jerry Brown Fax: (916) 558-3160
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173 Email:
Sacramento, CA 95814


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We are excited to have our beautiful Sonoma Coastline highlighted in the recent KCET and Link TV’s “Summer of the Environment,” video series, a state-wide project intended to ignite compassion and action for helping to save and heal our planet.


This short video offers a beautiful overview of the history of Bill Kortum, co-founder of Sonoma County Conservation Action, and our community’s dedication to protect the Sonoma County coastline.


A story that winds it’s way from the 1960s to today, it highlights development pressures along our coastline and reminds us how important it is to safeguard the unique ecosystems we have in our own backyard.


A story of perseverance, collaboration and grassroots advocacy, this video captures the gift we have in our coastline. Enjoy!

“You don’t have to go that far to feel like you are on the edge of the world,” Kerry Fugett of Sonoma County Conservation Action says about the northern Sonoma coastline.


The pristine conditions along this area are a result of decades of work, from activists like Bill Kortum, to protect access to the coastline and keep it wild and rugged. Kortum founded Sonoma County Conservation Action, and co-founded the Sonoma Land Trust.


The Kortum Trail, named after the legendary activist and part of the California Coastal Trail, offers stark views of the shore and rolling hills of the Sonoma coast.


Watch more great episodes by KCET News here!

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Sonoma County Conservation Action is turning 25 this year! To celebrate a quarter of a century of fighting for Sonoma County’s environmental heritage, we celebrated on June 18th with our members and amazing community, we awarded our Environmental Leaders Jared Huffman, US Congress 2nd District, Ted Eliot, former US Ambassador, and Cea Higgins of Surfrider Foundation.

We are incredibly thankful for our sponsors, members, supporters and friends. You make this possible.


 Our photographer, Patricia Brunelle, has made her photographs available for download online, check them out by clicking HERE!


Thank you to our Gala Sponsors!

25 More Years!

SSCA Board President Neal Fishman & Maxene Spellman, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 551, Jackson Family Winery, Service Empoloyees Unternational Union Local 1021, Rick Theis & Carolyn Johnson

Community Separators

Guy Conner, US Congressman Jared Huffman, Robert Jacob, SCCA Board Member Jane Nielson & Howard Wilshire, Warren Watkins & SCCA Board Member Janis Watkins, Assemblymember Jim Wood

SMART Transit Equity

SCCA Board Chair Michael Allen, Marc & Jeannie Khan, Eleanor Kneibler, North Bay Labor Council AFL-CIO, North Bay Organizing Project, David Schonbrunn

Coastal Access

Jack Tibbett, Lucy Kortum, Barbara & Jake MacKenzie Rohnert Park City Council member, State Senator Mike McGuire, Petaluma Tomorrow, SCCA Board Member Anne Seeley & Brien Seeley, Sonoma County Water Coalition, James Winston

Localized Compost

Chris Rogers, Marea Canizzaro, Alan Siegle, Beth Martinez, Daniel Gurney, David Grabill & Dorthy Battenfeld, SRJC Trustee, Sebastopol City Mayor Sarah Glad Gurney & Daniel Gurney, SCCA Board Member Edward Sheffield & Beth Dadko, Greenbelt Alliance, Hank Flum, Kenneth Wells, L Willard Richards, Margaret Fishman, Margaret Spaulding, Matthew & LaRee Maguire, Sara Sharp Goldstein, Beth & Hugo Martinez, L. Willard & Nancy Richards, SOAR Inflatables, Sonia Taylor, Sonoma County Water Coalition, Veronica Jacobi, Russian Riverkeeper, Julie Combs Santa Rosa City Council, Chris Coursey, Margaret Spaulding, Kenneth Wells

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Hello Conservation Action Community!


Today we celebrate National Voter Registration Day with a important civic information! First, If you have not registered to vote, and have the capability to do so, we ask that you go to the Secretary of State’s online portal to register today. Now with that out of the way, here are a series of key election dates that we ask everyone to keep in mind. Your vote is important to the future of Sonoma County’s conservation and environmental health, so we want to make sure you have all the information you need.


Election Timeline

  • September 29th: First day that sample ballots arrive.
  • October 10th: Absentee Ballot voting opens.
  • October 24th: The last day to register to vote. Registration must either be post marked or electronically filed no later than this date.
  • November 1st: The deadline to request an absentee ballot if you are already registered to vote.
  • November 8th: Election Day! If you are not able to return your absentee ballot by mail, you must return your ballot in person at either the Registrar of Voters Office, or any polling place in Sonoma County. This must take place no later than 8 p.m. on election day.
  • November 11th: The last day to receive a VBM ballot in the mail that was post marked no later than November 8th.


For more information, check out the Sonoma County Registrar of Voters website, or the California Secretary of State’s website.


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Sonoma County Community Separators

Supervisors Unanimously Approve Community Separator Ballot Measure and Designations


Today the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors voted 5 – 0 to renew longstanding protections for green buffers between towns and cities for another 20 years with a ballot measure requiring a countywide majority vote in the November General Election.

The Community Separator Protection Ordinance will extend existing protections for rural open space and agricultural lands designated as community separators by preventing conversion to shopping malls, housing tracts or resort hotels without a vote of the people.


The supervisors also added lands to the existing eight community separators and established a long overdue community separator between Healdsburg and Cloverdale.

“This is the most important greenbelt policy measure in Sonoma County in decades,” said Teri Shore, Regional Director for Greenbelt Alliance in Santa Rosa.  “It will preserve what we have and hold back sprawl for the next generation.”


Community separators have protected Sonoma County from the sprawl seen elsewhere and, combined with Urban Growth Boundaries, form the backbone of city-centered growth policies dating back more than two decades.

No taxes or fees are part of the ballot measure nor does it change existing land use or property taxes.


The Community Separator Protection Ordinance will protect a total of 53,576 acres of rural open space and farmlands from subdivision and sprawl. The community separators remain in place whether or not the ballot measure passes. View interactive map on county website.


An independent campaign committee has formed to pass the ballot measure, Keep Our Community Separators.

. (more…)

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By Kerry Fugett, Executive Director


Stepping into Dennis Rosatti’s role as Executive Director can certainly be described as “big shoes to fill”. But I am ready for this challenge and am extremely honored and excited for the opportunity to take those shoes and stretch them out. To keep those shoes knocking on 50,000+ doors a year, educating and building our community to achieve a healthy quality of life and ecologically thriving environment in Sonoma County.


The environmental movement is shifting, as we stand on the shoulders of those before us, we must open our arms and acknowledge the impacts of social pressures affecting our environment. Longstanding, unsolved problems are festering: affordability of housing, stagnant wages, crumbling infrastructure, the impacts of climate change, and a generation who wants to call Sonoma County home but struggles to find a salaried job locally. This all affects our environment: carbon emissions from long commutes and increasing traffic, development pressures on open spaces, our local coastal access being used as a quick fix to state level funding problems.    While there is no shortage of problems, there is equally no shortage of solutions. Our community is filled with brilliant minds, passionate groups of millennials thinking outside the box, and advocates for our environment. The crucial piece is that we build the right alliances and push to have our values and voices represented in local government.



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Join Conservation Action for a float down the Russian River with Don McEnhill, the Russian Riverkeeper & RiverKeeper Executive Director!


Learn about current water and river issues, and how we can do our part to help protect this incredibly valuable resource.


Paddle down the beautiful Middle Reach of theRussian River. This remote 6.5 mile journey will take us through an intimate and rarely accessed part of the river; providing the opportunity to see the river’s abundant wildlife in a new light!


Key Details!

Date: Thursday, July 21st

Slide Scale Donation: $50-100

RSVP: Email for tickets

Arrival Time: 3:45 pm

Start Time: 4:00 pm (we will leave on time, so don’t be late) 

Meeting Location: Wohler Bridge Parking Lot, Corner of Wohler & Westside Roads, Outside Forestville


Click here for more information about the Russian River, and the continuing efforts of the Russian River Keepers to protect it.


Canoes are provided for you and are sponsored by Russian River Adventures!

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What Is It?

A County-Wide Climate Action Plan (CAP) that intends to provide a regional framework for addressing climate change. The plan builds on Sonoma County’s historic practice of reducing Green House Emissions through a combination of regional standards and local autonomy.


The Climate Action Plan is being developed through a collaboration with the Regional Climate Protection Authority (RCPA), working groups from each local jurisdiction, as well as a stakeholder advisory group, among others.


Why Now?

As cited by the RCPA, climate emissions in Sonoma County have declined since the 1990s. The concern is that these losses are expected to turn into gains, by 2020, if further action isn’t taken. This is why the current planning process is focused on near and long term goals.

  • By 2020, reducing Green House Gasses by 25% below 1990s levels
  • By 2050, Reducing Green House Gasses by 80% below 1990s levels



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The Proposal

  • California State Parks has proposed a plan to create Fee Collection locations along the Sonoma County Coastline.
  • The proposal would allow for $8 day passes for entrance into some locations, while having $3 hourly parking fees in others. There would be a low income pass, and a credit system, but none of these elements have been concretely laid out.
  • The plan has been re-submitted to the Coastal Commission for approval after the County unanimously rejected it.