Sonoma County has beautiful parks, and there are thousands of acres of our parkland that are not accessible to the public. In the summer of 2016, voters placed a measure on the Nov. 2016 ballot that will provide stable, locally-controlled funding to support our parks and open space in our community. Specifically, Measure J will:

  • Expand, maintain and improve our parks for future generations
  • Protect drinking water sources, streams and rivers
  • Protect natural areas
  • Preserve fish and wildlife habitat
  • Increase local trails

What will it do

Protect water quality in Sonoma County:

There is nothing more important than protecting clean drinking water. Measure J will help to improve and protect local drinking water in Sonoma County by protecting local rivers, creeks and streams. By reducing runoff, Measure J will help protect our water from harmful contaminants and protect clean water for us all.

Protect the health and safety of our community:

Parks provide safe places for children, teens, families and seniors to gather, play and explore. By protecting local trails, opening new parkland and increasing access to open space, Measure J will allow families to continue to enjoy their time in the outdoors. By creating safe places to walk, run or ride a bicycle, we can improve the physical health of all residents, reduce obesity rates and reduce the cost of healthcare.

Protect our local trails:

Measure J will maintain and expand our wonderful trails in Sonoma County. Measure J will protect our beautiful trails that are ideal for camping and enjoying nature, such as rugged Hood Mountain. In addition, Measure J will complete the network of paved trails throughout Sonoma, which are ideal for commuting, leisurely bide rides and walks.

What about accountability?

An independent citizens’ oversight committee will be formed and annual audits will be conducted. Annual public reports of all expenditures will ensure that all funds are spent as promised. Every penny will stay in our community to maintain and improve parks and open space. No funds can be taken away by the State.